Goodnight Good

Goodnight Good

This hilarious parody of Goodnight Moon is a favorite in our house.

Many parents know the joy—and I use joy in both a literal sense as well as a sarcastic one, as it is both—of reading Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown over and over and over again to their little ones. My daughter and I have it memorized, as do, I am sure, hundreds of other children and their parents, if not thousands. The classic story is beautiful, as well as a wonderful way to end the day, with its peaceful, lulling words and soft story. We like to end it with a whisper, which is pretty much perfect.

The book has had a few parodies made over the years, and though it may not be as funny as Go the F*** to Sleep is to some parents, Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody has to be my favorite childhood book parody. When my daughter and I first read it, I thought we would die from a giggle fit; it’s that funny, especially when you know Goodnight Moon so well.

For example, instead of three little bears sitting in chairs and the cow jumping over the moon pictures, there are pictures of three little mummies rubbing their tummies, as well as a picture of Martians landing on the moon! Instead of an old lady whispering “Hush,” there’s a an old werewolf hollering, “Boo!” Fans will adore these Halloween-y references.

But perhaps the funniest thing about Michael Rex’s parody is that its pace, instead of slowly dwindling to the closing of the day, instead escalates as the room becomes sheer chaos. A goon enters the room and makes a mess, but the black lagoon (and the monster within it) in the room also eats much of the room itself, from the paintings to the box with claws sticking out of it and more. A vampire, a witch, ghosts, and other creatures zip around the room, trying to find their belongings or to just be there for some unknown reason, which my daughter finds hilarious. As the little kid monster tells them goodnight, it seems like it’s a party going on in his room rather than bedtime.

The story ends with a monster—the goon—going under the bed and the narrator wishing a goodnight to monsters everywhere, which, again, is pretty perfect, given the whole “monster under the bed” scenario. If your kids love monsters and Halloween, even if they’re not fans of the original book they are sure to have some fun with this one!