March 2012

The Best Vacation Ever

I have never used a Math Start book, which is a volume from Scholastic that helps to teach mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. I had actually never even heard of them until I ran across this one for sale for a mere dime at our library’s bookstore. So I purchased The Best Vacation Ever by Stuart J. Murphy, which is illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott, and decided to see if it would be a good fit for my daughter, who often enjoys math activities.

It was actually a very simple book that was easy to use in helping my daughter learn about collecting and charting data. Last summer we did a project in which we interviewed everyone we know to see what his or her favorite flavor of ice cream was (I learned to not include a miscellaneous category and instead give people options—your chart will simply go on forever if you openly ask people, “Which flavor of ice cream is your favorite?” We received some answers that my kiddo just found confusing!), and this could have really come in handy then.