July 2012

Goodnight Good

This hilarious parody of Goodnight Moon is a favorite in our house.

Many parents know the joy—and I use joy in both a literal sense as well as a sarcastic one, as it is both—of reading Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown over and over and over again to their little ones. My daughter and I have it memorized, as do, I am sure, hundreds of other children and their parents, if not thousands. The classic story is beautiful, as well as a wonderful way to end the day, with its peaceful, lulling words and soft story. We like to end it with a whisper, which is pretty much perfect.

The book has had a few parodies made over the years, and though it may not be as funny as Go the F*** to Sleep is to some parents, Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody has to be my favorite childhood book parody. When my daughter and I first read it, I thought we would die from a giggle fit; it’s that funny, especially when you know Goodnight Moon so well.